Construction Software Development

Intellectsoft delivers construction software development and green building solutions to future-driven companies all over the world. Our team provides top-notch industry tailored services to drive operational efficiency and streamline business processes

Our Construction Software Solutions

We develop full-scale software for construction companies to help you digitalize your green building business processes, achieve operational efficiency, and drive innovation.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Project Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Customer Portal & Partner Portal
  • Construction Integrations
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Project Onboarding and Training
Inspection report on a tablet screen, construction management app on the iPhone screen
Construction ERP software on a laptop screen
Construction ERP Software
Build a custom solution that integrates various necessary functions in your construction business processes, including HR, accounting, project management, and others. This solution will help you automate core processes, enable seamless collaboration, and enhance decision-making to boost your project efficiency and profitability.
  • Uniform user experience across all software modules
  • Standardized, converged infrastructure and data points
  • Single access to all core functions like accounting and payroll, asset management and maintenance planning, project management with end-to-end analytics and reports
  • Maximized asset utilization across multiple sites and buildings, predictive maintenance
  • Fast compliance checks and status monitoring
  • Drastically reduced paperwork and improved visibility across all functions and processes
Construction project management software on a laptop screen
Construction Project Management Software
Advanced project management and construction planning software are together a powerful tool that streamlines project operations and coordination, enhances communication as well as optimizes scheduling, planning, and resource allocation. Get a system that enables real-time task tracking, management, and budgeting and maximizes the productivity of working on complex construction projects.
  • Monitoring of all stages of a project’s lifecycle
  • Risk management, project’s cost estimation and budget planning
  • Complete asset management and activity planning
  • Effective team management with tasks assignment and progress tracking
  • Team collaboration tools and information exchange
Inspection management software on a tablet screen
Inspection Management Software
Easily conduct, assign, track, and complete inspections for effortless construction site assessment. Manage inspections with ease, minimize risks, and ensure full compliance while maintaining data security standards.
  • Assign inspection responsibilities and frequency
  • Identify, document, and share findings, add notes and take photos
  • Take corrective actions and complete inspections
  • Use standardized and customizable checklists for a variety of scenarios
  • Generate reports, conduct high-level data analysis
Customer and partner portal app on the iPhone screen
Customer & Partner Portal Software
Enhance partner and customer relationships by providing a convenient partner portal software for sharing project updates, materials, support and information needed for a client. Interact and communicate with customers in a tailor-made, secure environment.
  • Easy access to updates and important project data
  • Establish knowledge retention and sharing through a unified knowledge base.
  • Control and monitor exchange and collection of project information including specifications and financial data
  • Client onboarding, management, and secure communications
  • Simple and customizable mobile/ cross-platform solution with analytics and reporting
Construction integrations illustration on a laptop screen
Construction Integrations
Integrate and interlink external data sources from third-party systems into the existing workflow to obtain insights into operations, improve forecasting and streamline communications.
  • End-to-end data management
  • Real-time data exchange
  • Data access management
  • Improved data security
Digital distribution and sales analysis chart and graph
Construction Analytics & Reporting
Collect, analyze and monitor various data points to improve business results and reduce risks. Put data at work with advanced analytics and reports.
  • Standardized real-time report generation for a better decision making
  • Single access point to connect and analyze multiple data sources
  • Predictive end-to-end analytics for improved forecasting
  • Customized reports and access management for personalized workflows
  • Data visualization and sharing for better collaboration
Construction engineers with a laptop in hand look at the project and discuss it
Project Onboarding & Training
Simplify the onboarding process and training activities with onboarding management tools and accelerate knowledge transition on any project. Standardize and streamline training programs for efficient deployment and management.
  • Deliver customized onboarding and training programs
  • Plan project activities properly
  • Ensure quick access to resources employees need
  • Customize training activities
  • Monitor progress through analytics and reporting

Client Success Stories

Discover how leading construction companies effectively addressed critical business challenges through digital innovation.

Management Software for Scandinavian Building Company


Leading construction company turned to Intellectsoft to start the digital transformation with an ERP solution. They wanted to move away from disparate legacy systems and develop a full-scale software platform to increase the transparency of project management activities across multiple departments, improve partner management processes, and simplify asset management.


Intellectsoft has built a platform that included a labor-management portal, a bespoke project management system, and a mobile solution for driving asset delivery and management. The end result significantly improved operational efficiency, interlinked and simplified crucial business processes, and nearly doubled their operating margins. It eliminated paperwork, simplified progress monitoring across multiple projects, and improved supply chain management.

Inspection Management Software for Electric Equipment Company


A midmarket electric equipment inspection company contacted Intellectsoft with a request to create a form-filling solution to simplify the inspection management process, minimize redundant and time-consuming paperwork. Their goal was to increase efficiency, accuracy, and enable effortless processing and exporting of all documentation related to the equipment inspection.


Intellectsoft’s team developed a dedicated Android application that allows inspectors to be more efficient and productive as they can record all the information quickly and easily right on the spot with no paperwork. The solution allows importing and exporting reports, creating inspection sheets, managing inspector profiles, andг scheduling inspections. The software enables equipment maintenance management, order management, and register data manipulation.

Enterprise Portal for American Provider


The client needed to modernize legacy processes, interlink a variety of data sets, improve communication between responsible parties and eliminate data duplicates across multiple locations in the corresponding systems. This warranted a unified software solution that would serve as a single source of the important and updated data that employees can easily access and organize avoiding data duplication.


Intellectsoft has created an enterprise portal that eliminates significant manual efforts and builds a knowledge base collecting information from across all the business units, and compiling data from previous findings during customer outages. This software solution increases visibility and provides employees with operational and technical information and instruction manuals to effectively operate across the units.

HES & Onboarding Mobile Application


Among various construction software companies the client chose Intellectsoft to develop an internal application that allowed for conducting internal health & environmental surveys.


Our team developed a native mobile application for both iOS and Android operating systems with responsive UI that consisted of 2 parts. First, employees were able to use an electronic manual during the work process. Second, engineers used the solution for conducting the surveys required for the job. The app is unique with its highly customizable and maintainable architecture, and high-security level by design.

Middleware Application for World-Class Metric 3D Sensor Provider


A leading engineering company based in the US got in touch with Intellectsoft to refresh, expand functionality and replace a legacy application.


Middleware application developed as a single point of management for multiple program modules of a legacy software suite. As a result, the client’s technology stack was standardized across all products and a cloud-centric, multiplatform architecture was implemented.

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