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At Intellectsoft, we believe that technology can enhance the quality of care you provide. Our healthcare IT solutions have helped our clients automate their operations, foster more efficient decision-making, and create new opportunities for innovation. Partner with us to harness both cutting-edge technology and a revitalized, patient-centric approach Dive into a more insight-driven approach to healthcare; work with us today!

Pioneering Healthcare Software Solutions

As a seasoned healthcare IT provider, Intellectsoft stands at the forefront of technological advancements in the healthcare sector. Our solutions, backed by years of experience and in-depth technical knowledge, are designed to offer comprehensive tools that empower your services and streamline operations – from robust hospital information systems to remote patient care solutions and fitness apps, we are committed to guiding you on your path towards digital transformation.

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Healthcare Technologies Trends

While some providers have initiated the journey toward healthcare information technology, others still tread with caution – evaluating the effectiveness and applicability of IT solutions for the healthcare industry.

  • Proactive Health Management

  • Patient-Centric Technologies

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Real-World Evidence and AI

  • P4 Medicine

Software Applications and Solutions for Healthcare Industry

As mentioned above, the future of healthcare rests on embracing emerging trends and innovations. Intellectsoft recognizes this trend, and to assist you in staying at the forefront, we offer an extensive portfolio of custom healthcare IT solutions designed to navigate both daily operations and large-scale endeavors. These solutions include:

Intellectsoft logo with 2 rings around it, as an image of healthcare software apps and solutions Mobile health icon Telemedicine icon AI in healthcare icon AR and VR in healthcare icon Blockchain in healthcare icon Internet of Medical Things icon
  • Telehealth Services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical Chatbots
  • Mobile Healthcare Apps
  • Electronic Data Management Systems
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Supply Chains
  • Hyper-Personalized Medicine

Embrace our agile approach in delivering healthcare IT services to stay equipped for the industry's ever-evolving demands.

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Client Success

Navigating through Intellectsoft's extensive portfolio of healthcare IT solutions unveils the depth of our experience in servicing various domains within the healthcare industry. Our projects range from creating a healthcare IT infrastructure to implementing RFID systems for inventory management and even developing AI engines for treatment.

Stream Data for Hospital


Our client wants to collect data from privacy-preserving sensors to analyze clinical activity for research and patient care applications.


Our Solution enabler consists of a custom multi-sensor collection module, Google Cloud ingestion pipeline, 3 level fault tolerance approach for data loss prevention, secure networking layer, etc.

BigData Enterprise Platform


Our client had reached architectural and technical “cul de sac” with legacy data silos performance, data quality, lineage, and duplication across all its products and system. The explosive growth of data from their clients (>80 million) threatened to bring existing infrastructure to a complete collapse.


The new BigData Platform replaced all databases and data silos. Single point for all data ingestion, processing, and distribution across all systems. Batch and stream data processing allowed us to design Machine Learning and real-time data-driven applications. System inherent scalability increased the data collection rate by a factor of x100 to implement Recommendations and churn prediction algorithms.

Task and Asset Management System


Our client wanted to perform the digital transformation in task tracking and asset management processes in one of their departments through implementing an effective system with a user-friendly interface.


Our solution allows the client to:
- Manage all department’s assets.
- Manage tasks (assign / reassign/ resolve, etc.).
- Accomplish tasks through the system.
- Assure direct communication among the staff.

Healthcare Staff Management — Nurse and Hospital Management


Current healthcare and economic environments force medical experts to take extra shifts, which affects their own quality of life. The idea behind this solution was to empower medical professionals with a simple tool that gives them flexibility, control, and more.


We created on-demand healthcare IT solutions consisting of:
- iOS and Android app with an Uber-like feel (for the Nurse role)
- Web Admin Panel (for Hospital Administrator or Security Supervisor role.

Healthcare Services Management — Emergency Aircrafts System


The client needed the solution that connects Callstar’s first responders, emergency aircraft operators, and call center operators with each other and the receiving hospitals, allowing for more effective communication and responsiveness.


1. An app that allows first responders to call a helicopter to the scene, receive updates from the command center and the hospital receiving the patient.
2. A call center app. The operators use the admin panel to communicate with first responders, accept or deny requests, and update a helicopter’s ETA for both the receiving facility and the first responder.

Inventory Management RFID System for Medical Devices (IoT)


The global leader in identification devices solutions with a strong focus on the healthcare industry needed innovative solutions for the IoT ecosystem of hospitals.


We established an asset management IoT ecosystem for hospitals that involves a range of dedicated devices, mobile, web, and cloud. Personnel uses
1) wand to locate assets by RFID tags,
2) reader that detects assets at a given location,
3) dedicated RFID tag scanner,
4) printer for the tags.

Industrial IoT for Manufacturer of Vision Systems


The client offers a solution with a barcode scanner that helps companies streamline defect detection in the manufacturing process.


We created an iOS solution with an intuitive design and simple flow that integrates with inspection station software at the factory.

AI Engine for Medical Treatment


The client wanted to enhance its machine learning module that aimed to predict the expected results of medical treatment.


Our solution allows the client to use three different Machine Learning modules that compete with each other to improve predictions and provide data tools for medical experts and nursery to support patients.

Transplant Hero


Events such as the coronavirus crisis underscore the need for strategies that identify people who are at higher risk or vulnerable. Such a group of people needs special care and individual approaches to deal with stress.


Transplant Hero is a beautifully crafted app that helps transplant patients deal with the seemingly impossible task of taking their immunosuppression medications in a timely fashion.

Health Social Network (Xmed)


Xmed is a social network devoted to the wellbeing and health part of our lives. Xmed goal is to cultivate a community that revolves around high-quality content with user-based reviews and curated recommendations.


The app collects and analyses medical data, and then asks questions to determine the health problem.

Digital Health Platform


A digital health platform committed to helping everyone in the world to find their health through self-care. The client wanted to digitally transform its systems and business processes.


1. iOS application that allows you to interact with a chatbot by entering your freeform symptoms and get information about possible diseases.
2. Custom website chat widget that can be integrated on any website and adds the same chatbot functionality available in the app.
3. Admin Panel for professional doctors that were used for knowledge base content management, versions management, and symptoms training.



The client needed to create a mobile application that allowed tracking O2 balance in a simple, easy manner.


Waterbalance is an easy-to-use and functional mobile application to help you track your O2 balance, which takes into account personal individual parameters like height, weight, age, and lifestyle.

Tracking App for Swimmers


Finis designs wearables to help swimmers track key workout statistics. The company needed accompanying software to clearly report personalized data to their users’ mobile devices.


Paired with the company’s hardware, the app we created allows swimmers to track workout times, laps, and calories burned, as well as see detailed progress reports on the web. The app also provides swimmers with valuable insights into their workout routines, allowing them to focus more on the process.

Chatbot Solution


Luxottica is a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fashion, luxury, sports, and performance eyewear. The Group’s global wholesale distribution network covers more than 150 countries and is complemented by an extensive retail network of about 9,000 stores.


Luxottica wanted to improve customer engagement processes, thought expanding communication, and customer consultation on the products range on Facebook.

Digital Transformation & ERP Solution for Medical Insurance


The client wanted to receive a solution that minimizes the heavy paperwork common to a medical insurance firm and improves relationships and connections with clients.


An innovative software platform that transforms the way insurance firms and their clients interact using state-of-the-art technology.

Digital Transformation for Insurance


The client wanted to increase the internal operational efficiencies by increasing the role of self-service and automated case processing.


We have created an app that helps the users manage every step of the insurance process more accessible, from making appointments and claims to children's insurance management.

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The Complete Process of Development

At Intellectsoft, developing a healthcare IT infrastructure involves much more than just software development – it's about strengthening the core of your healthcare services. As a dedicated healthcare IT solutions provider, we embark on a streamlined journey from discovery workshops to actual implementation and onto continuous support.

  • Ensuring mutual understanding of the project's goals
  • Converting business requirements into functional elements
  • Outlining the project's architecture from the onset
  • Creating well-defined project plans, keeping risks and budgets in view
  • Building a distinct product strategy paired with a development roadmap
Project development process roadmap for healthcare IT solutions Project development process roadmap for healthcare IT solutions, mobile version

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What are IT solutions for the healthcare industry and why are they important?

People often search for "IT solutions for healthcare industry" online, wondering what those are and why digital innovation is crucial in today's healthcare landscape. IT solutions for the healthcare industry, simply put, refer to the various technological tools and systems used to optimize and enhance healthcare services. These range from patient information management systems, electronic health records, and telehealth services to more complex integrations like the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). The importance of these solutions lies in their ability to make healthcare delivery more efficient, accurate, and patient-centered. According to a research paper published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website, the use of information technology in healthcare has multiple benefits. It can improve the quality of care, reduce healthcare costs, decrease errors, increase administrative efficiencies, and expand access to affordable care.

How does IT infrastructure improve healthcare services?

The incorporation of a cohesive IT infrastructure plays a vital role in enhancing healthcare services, leading to improved patient outcomes. It enables providers and healthcare institutions to have streamlined access to important information, ranging from patient health records to real-time updates about a patient's condition. IT infrastructure essentially acts as the backbone of healthcare IT solutions, promoting higher-quality care. Whether it's reviewing a simple report or implementing a complex analysis, the IT infrastructure ensures seamless data flow and minimizes disruptions in the physician's workflow. By reducing bottlenecks and facilitating more informed decision-making, IT infrastructure promotes greater efficiency and allows healthcare workers to focus more on patient care rather than mundane administrative tasks. In essence, IT infrastructure in healthcare is a vital aspect in achieving exceptional healthcare service, promoting a more organized, efficient, and effective system dedicated to delivering quality patient care.

What is healthcare software development?

Healthcare software development is a process where custom software solutions are built especially for the healthcare industry to meet various operational, clinical, and patient-centric needs. These solutions could range from electronic health records and hospital management systems to telemedicine applications or healthcare analytics tools. The main purpose of healthcare software development is to create systems that enhance overall operations, improve accuracy in the medical industry, support decision-making, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. Also, as the healthcare industry is heavily regulated, a part of the development process involves ensuring regulatory compliance. This involves following applicable laws and standards, including HIPAA, for patient data privacy and security. Also, meeting guidelines such as the FDA for medical device software is crucial. Providers of IT services in the healthcare industry prioritize compliance to adhere to these stringent industry regulations. As one of those providers, we meticulously incorporate strict data privacy and security standards during the development process.

What is the importance of health information management?

Health information management plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry. It's essentially the practice of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to the provision of quality patient care. The importance of health information management is multifaceted and includes the following factors:
  • Ensures Patient Data Accuracy: Correct data forms the basis for all patient-related decisions.
  • Enhances Data Security: Good management protocols protect patient data.
  • Facilitates Data Sharing: An efficient system allows for secure sharing between healthcare providers.
  • Drives Innovation: Quality data and insights can stimulate innovation in healthcare practices.
  • Provides Legal Security: Properly managed records can aid in legal situations.

In essence, effective health information management ensures that the right information is available to the right people at the right time, leading to better coordination of care and improved health outcomes.

How can technology help improve quality service?

Technology plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of service across various industries. Through digital tools and platforms, businesses can streamline operations, improve customer interaction, deliver personalized experiences, and make more data-driven decisions. For instance, customer relationship management software can help improve customer service and drive loyalty. Meanwhile, data analytics tools can offer valuable insights that can fine-tune business strategies. In the healthcare sector, technology can particularly impact service quality through telehealth platforms, electronic health records, AI-driven diagnostics, and more. This not only leads to more efficient care delivery but also enhances patient experiences. Technology, therefore, serves as a vital enabler of high-quality service by driving both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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